Recycle Hauling Since 2004

Every tonne of glass we collect is redirected from landfill, reducing landfill cost for the local authorities across the region.

What we do at Indigo Waste Services, is offer our operating area a service in which bottles can be safely disposed of through the use of our bottle banks. Once collected within the bottle banks, we take the bottles - using our blue haulage trucks - to our yard.

When our collected bottles arrive at the yard, they are then placed into our white, walking floor, articulated haulage trucks where they can then be transported to the processing plant and are recycled into new bottles (learn about the process here).

What We have Achieved

  • We have achieved the installation of an extensive bottle bank placement and collection service across east-Anglia.

    (Find map here)

  • We have partnered with local authorities in, and around, the East-Anglian region in order to perform our best and deliver an outstanding service.

  • We control 25 trucks within our fleet of vehicles in order to conduct our business.

  • We utilise 1500 bottle banks over the entirety of the East-Anglian region.

  • A service so fast, it only takes 30 days for bottles to go from our banks, through the remanufacturing process and back to the shelves.