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types of bottle banks we offer

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Our Bottle Banks

The bottle banks that we operate will always be identifiable through the use of labels, as to which bottles go in which banks.

Look for the labels, and be sure.

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Space-Saver Bottle Bank

Our ‘Space-Savers’ allow us to conduct our business with less room taken up (compared to other types of bottle banks), perfect for areas with little room to be spared.

Width: 1.165 Metres.

Depth: 1.75 Metres.

Height: 1.75 Metres.

Volume: 2.5 Metres³.

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Bell Bottle Bank

Our ‘Bell Banks’, appropriately named because of their bell shape, are larger in size and are more apt for areas with more space, over banks such as the ‘space-savers’.

Width: 1.78 Metres.

Depth: 1.78 Metres.

Height: 1.37 Metres.

Volume: 4 Metres³.

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Cranberry Bottle Bank

Our cranberry bottle banks are our bottle banks utilised mainly for public areas and have a low depth to them, making them perfect candidates for situations in which they need to be tucked away.

Width: 1.17 Metres.

Depth: 1.21 Metres.

Height: 1.73 Metres.

Volume: 2.4 Metres³.

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Bottle Banks are one of the most efficient ways in which bottles can be safely disposed of and ultimately recycled. Bottle banks allow members of the public to aid the recycling process, rather than throwing bottles away into their general waste bins (Which would then lead the bottles to be transported to landfill), they take part in saving our environment.


What not to put into a bottle bank

A list of materials not suitable for bottle banks:

- Ceramics And Heat Tempered Glass (Cups & Saucers, Plates, Ceramic Tiles, Pyrex Glass, Test Tubes, etcetera).

- Non-Hazardous & Hazardous General Waste (Food Waste, Non-recyclables, etcetera).

- Other Recyclables (Paper, Plastics, Cardboard, etcetera).

- Liquids (Hazardous or otherwise).

- Sharps Or Other Potentially Harmful Objects That Are Not Glass.